Product Review: Emma Hardie Amazing Face AM/PM Treatment Moisturiser

I decided to splash out this month with a new high-end moisturiser, insert reasonable excuse here, and thought I’d try something within the Emma Hardie range. This brand has received a lot of attention lately through the cult status of the Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm which, I’ll admit, is pretty fantastic and worth the hype.




Browsing through FeelUnique, my online happy place, I found myself drawn to the Emma Hardie Amazing Facer AM/PM Treatment Moisturiser. First of all by how sleek and decadent the packaging looked, and secondly through its rather appealing description:

“Perfectly hydrating a.m./p.m. moisturiser for skin that craves suppleness and glow. Combining the benefits of a facial serum and a moisturiser, this rich naturally derived treatment cream can be used morning and or at night. Using the latest botanical enriched marine actives to help smooth, hydrate, and help restore the skins bounce and youthful appearance. Organic lavender, Geranium, and Peppermint essential oils revitalise the complexion and give a delicate aromatic spa at home like fragrance.”

I liked the idea of skipping a serum, as I go through Vichy Aqualia like no one’s business. Lavender and peppermint are two of my favourite scents, so that was a bonus. And anything which alludes to a spa? I’m in.

So for a hefty £38 – how did it live up?


This is a very heavy cream which feels rather greasy when first applied onto the skin, however I was nicely surprised at how well it absorbed. I made myself a coffee after applying this and by the time I was back in front of my mirror it was ready for make-up. I also found it made a lovely base for foundation, helping it to glide on and blend in well. Full marks in this area.

Moisturising Properties

I used it for three weeks and found a significant drop in dry patches around my nose and chin where I would usually get some if I lay off my serum, as a result I would go far enough to say it made a good double product. I would agree it gave my skin a lovely “bounce” and glow – at 21 I can’t really say youthful without sounding like an idiot, but it definitely seriously incredibly improved the texture of my skin! I didn’t look so dull and tired after Netflix late nights, and had that ‘lit from within’ luminescent skin which I can never seem to get naturally! I was using this day and night as it suggests, however I doubt this is necessary as it is definitely moisturising enough to use only once a day.


Now we come to the controversial area. Yes it is an amazing scent, not overpowering and not old lady-esque. It is relaxing and you just feel so luxurious applying this. However, some people may want to avoid heavily perfumed products, especially those with more sensitive skin. Unfortunately this sometimes includes me,  and around the two week mark I began to break out a bit along my forehead, which cleared up after ceasing to use this product. A bit disappointing therefore, but probably not an issue for most people! After two days I returned to it and used it only under make-up during the day and resorted to my usual tea tree gel at night, and found this more suitable for my skin. Perhaps this meant my skin wasn’t being irritated by the perfume overnight and therefore wasn’t breaking out, but was still getting moisturised enough during the day?

Overall Opinion

I really loved this product for so many reasons: the amazing texture, the cute packaging, the lovely powder-fresh scent, the beautifully moisturised result. Yet for the price, I’m not sure I would buy it again. I will definitely use it all up, probably during the day time or perhaps by using it as special treatment 2-3 times a week. However, I’m tempted to try another brand next time, and have my sights set on Origins A Perfect World Moisturiser next! Anyone tried this one before?

I found it hard to find reviews for other EH products apart from the famous cleansing balm, therefore I hope this has been helpful for anyone wishing to check out the brand. I understand it is pretty damn expensive but it’s always good to read up on a product before you invest your money! And skincare is probably the most important step in your routine, as you only get one face (YOGOF! sorry…) it is therefore an area I feel more justified to indulge in.

If you are keen to try this product, it can be found here.

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6 thoughts on “Product Review: Emma Hardie Amazing Face AM/PM Treatment Moisturiser

  1. This blog is AMAZING. I loved the graduation makeup advice and this post was equally brilliant. Emma Hardie isn’t a range I was familiar with but your description of the product has made it seem like a really good buy! These posts have a lot of good info without going overboard and the style is so conversational it seems like your standing opposite me telling me all about these products. I will definitely visit this blog again! CoffeewithZoe is fantastic


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