Afternoon Tea at AMPM ♡

I thought I would give AMPM Restaurant from Belfast a quick mention. I visited recently with a friend for afternoon tea as a girly treat and we were absolutely delighted with it! Seriously, I’ve lived in Belfast for three years, how have I never been to this spot before?

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“A ceremony created by the yester year high society duchess: Anna Maria Russell, Queen Victoria’s Lady of the Bed chamber, turned afternoon tea into an occasion. An indoor picnic laced with china cups, chitchat, sweet treats & scandal – to banish the sinking feeling between lunch & dinner.”

I apologise for the poor quality images as I only had my phone camera with me. Hopefully you can make out the rather stunning décor! It literally screams opulence with its hundreds of gilt-edged mirrors, twinkly lights and curios. Presumably decorated with a French bohemian vibe, AMPM is definitely very alternative and creates a wonderful ambience perfect for afternoon tea. Furthermore, the staff we encountered were very friendly and accommodating.

The price was exceptionally reasonable at £14.95pp considering you usually pay closer to £20 in most places. And although the three-tiered meal may seem dainty and sparse, I can assure you it it much more filling than it looks…We made the mistake of going at the start of our shopping trip, and felt like balloons the rest of the day! The meal included the usual sandwiches, scones and tray-bakes format, with my favourite being the lemon curd-filled French macarons. There was also a choice for tea, including fruity and herbal options, although we just opted for good old black tea.

We were also very tempted by the cabaret inspired cocktail menu, with titles such as ‘Between the Sheets’ and ‘Dark & Stormy’, but figured alcohol may cloud our judgement in regards to spending later on in the day! However, I will definitely be back soon – just looking through the usual lunch menu had my mouth watering. From bruschetta and risotto, to steak and burgers, I think they have all my favourite meals pretty much covered.

AMPM would be a wonderful choice for outings with friends or if you wanted to treat someone for a special occasion! I’m personally rather obsessed with afternoon tea, it makes me feel fancy.

(Website and menus available here.)

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2 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea at AMPM ♡

  1. I am literally going to go here now. Brilliant review . Very honest and so well written . My mouths watering. Love it Zoe xx


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