Monthly Favourites: July 2015

Monthly favourites have always been my favourite kind of post to read so it’s about time I created my first one! July was an exciting and eventful month for me, particularly around my graduation and birthday, and I have been lucky to receive a lot of presents or money towards some. As a result, I actually have quite a few new products and random things which I have been loving lately! Hopefully August will be just as plentiful now…


Charlotte Tilbury ‘Bitch Perfect’ Lipstick – This is my new favourite everyday lipstick. The colour is a deep, warm pink which looks very natural on the lips, adding just a hint of colour. The formulation is creamy, moisturising and long-lasting; I much prefer it to a matte lipstick as I tend to have dry lips anyway, no matter how much water I drink or lip balm I slather on! This also means I can apply it in the morning and it doesn’t require much maintenance throughout the day. Plus I love the name.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – I was having a bit of a mascara downer lately, every tube I tried just wouldn’t do the trick. I don’t have especially short or straight lashes, but I am fussy about avoiding clumps or spidery lashes. This product has been raved about by pretty much everyone online, so I gave in and decided to try it and was highly impressed. The curvy, bristle brush is just the right shape and size to catch and coat every single lash evenly. I usually apply two coats, with a third if I want to go all out in the eye department! The actual mascara formula doesn’t flake and hasn’t run down my face either, yet it is an absolute dream for removing at the end of the day. Full marks for this one.

Soap & Glory ‘Love is Blonde’ Archery Brow Pen – I won’t lie, I’ve tried this pen before but in the darker shade and was put off for months by the scary slug-like eyebrows it gave me. However, I went back and picked up the blonder version and found it to be a much better colour match for me. I also avoided using the crayon side heavily, as it is the fine felt-tip end which is the real genius here! I use it to draw in little fake hairs using very light brush-strokes to make my eyebrows look a little bit fuller, before setting with a brown brow gel. The finished result is a very manicured yet natural-looking brow. However, this product is also fantastic if you’re in a rush to get ready as you can use it to define the arch and tip very slightly and leave it at that and it still looks well-groomed.

Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life ‘Peach Parfait’ Eye Shadow Trio – I received this in my July Birchbox, and I initially thought it looked cheap and disappointing. It sat neglected in my makeup drawer for about a fortnight before I decided to stop being a snob and try it out. To my surprise…it was amazing! I have used this nearly every day since! The powders are buttery soft and intensely pigmented, and the colours are perfect for summer. Used together they can create a gorgeous copper smoky eye, or they can be used separately for a more simple look. The shimmery white shade is also perfect for accentuating the brown bone and inner corner.


TheBalm Cosmetics ‘Mary Lou Manizer’ Highlighter – This is probably my favourite makeup item of the month. Nothing beats the power of a good highlighter for brightening up your whole face (literally) when you’re looking tired and worn out. However, getting a powder highlighter to stay on your face all day, even following blotting, is no simple feat. Luckily, this product has unbeatable staying power to keep you glowing all day long, and the end result reminds me slightly of Mac Lustre Drops. I also found the champagne-tone very flattering compared to the usual pinky-pearl shades.


Colab ‘Paris’ Dry Shampoo – I have used the brand Batiste for years, despite always having problems with that icky annoying white cast it leaves, but I thought it was the same for all dry shampoos. I was wrong. This goes on invisible and almost undetectable apart from a light floral fragrance…

Pantene Pro-V Advanced Keratin Repair Split-End Fuser – My hair is naturally wavy and porous, which unfortunately means it is quite dehydrated and prone to damage. My dream for as long as I can remember has been to grow it down to the middle of my back, but I’ve come to accept that it’s impossible due to the texture of it. By the time it gets anywhere near boob-length it starts to split and stop growing – with or without heat styling. Cue horribly frazzled ends for a week before I cave in and get it chopped up. Repeat cycle. However, I purchased this cream lately and have been using it instead of my usual serum. While it likely won’t solve all of my hair woes, I do find it helps the appearance of my frazzled ends considerably, and for that small comfort I’m very grateful. It also smells yummy.

Emma Hardie Amazing Face AM/PM Treatment Moisturiser – I won’t go into this in detail, I have written a post reviewing it already which you can find here. In a nutshell: rich, creamy, and leaves you with baby-soft dewy skin.

Chanel ‘Chance Eau Fraîche’ – After loitering around the Chanel counter in Debenhams on several occasions while forcing my boyfriend to smell samples of this perfume, he finally got the hint and bought me a bottle for my birthday. This is a very sparkling fresh scent as the name suggests, and therefore a perfect day-time summer perfume.

Jo Malone Blue Agava and Cacao Cologne – Another perfume, this one is a more unusual and intriguing scent with hints of chocolate and floral notes. Shouldn’t work but it totally does. Read more here.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari – If you love Russell Brand’s YouTube channel The Trews as much as I do then this is a book that you need in your life, for it is definitely one he will end up quoting sooner or later. It will blow your mind. Harari’s slightly sarcastic tone is almost clinical in his approach to discussing the history of our species. It sounds like he is talking about another animal which makes it so surreal when you have to constantly remind yourself he isn’t. The book spans the history of Homo Sapiens (that’s us), exploring how six human species previously inhabited the earth, and now only one remains. It is fascinating, provocative and frequently a little scary, but what this book definitely gives you is perspective. A bucket load of perspective on life. Coming from a person who usually runs from non-fiction like the plague, this is a read like no other.

Silver Ballpoint Parker Pen – I received this little beauty from my parents on my birthday after I constantly tried to steal my Dad’s. I love beautiful pens and I already own a Parker fountain one, so this was the perfect addition to my little collection and a very thoughtful present. It makes even the messiest desk look sophisticated (i.e. makes me feel like a real-life grown-up) and is lovely for handwriting.


Hope you’ve had an awesome July!

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16 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites: July 2015

  1. Lovely post! You’ve made me add so many goodies to my list. In particular the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, the Too Faced mascara, the Emma Hardie Moisturiser, TheBalm highlighter and the dry shampoo! (Pretty much everything in this post, haha) x


    • I’m reluctant to use it daily because of the price! But if you put it on in the morning this scent in particular actually lasts well into the day. I think when it does run out I’ll get the bigger bottle, it’s so nice and looks so pretty on my table 🙂 x

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