Rows and Rows of Roses

The classic rose is my favourite flower, for nothing else oozes timeless beauty quite like it. However, I never knew just how many varieties there are! Apparently it isn’t just a case of red, yellow or white roses (you should see me with car types). Last week I took a trip to Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park for ‘Rose Week’ and was amazed by the rows upon rows of these elegant flowers sprawled out along the park grounds, each with their own proud individual name plaques.



The park hosts the International Rose Trials every summer, judging the multitude of roses within their respective categories. Each bloom is distinctive through colour variation, scent, height or even how it grows together in bunches or individually. The beautiful lattice walkways of the park boast a natural canopy of flowers from the climbing rose category:




It’s like stumbling upon a fragrant garden paradise! The day I went it was particularly wet and muddy, so naturally it was an opportunity to sport my rose-patterned Cath Kidston wellies…



And of course I had to jump in every single puddle, big or small.

If you are looking for a little day trip somewhere different then I definitely recommend going while the flowers are still in bloom! You can grab a coffee at the park’s little café before wandering along the petal-strewn pathways. See if you can spot some of my favourite varieties:




The Memento, Indian Summer, Al Fresco and Parole flowers are particularly stunning and highly scented.

If you find them then there’s only one thing for it – a big ol’ sniff! And before you know it you’ll be a regular rose connoisseur…


Hope you’ve liked this post, it’s a little different to my usual content. It was hard to resist not sharing such a fresh and beautiful place!

See you again soon,

Zoe Signature

Update! I may have bought my own little Queen of Sweden to bring Rose Week back home with me:


Not sure if Butterscotch approves though…


19 thoughts on “Rows and Rows of Roses

    • Thank you that’s very sweet 😊
      Very easily! I was doodling on a page and thought it didn’t look half bad so just took a photo of the signature, edited it by upping the contrast to make it more stylised then I just put the picture at the end of my posts 🙂 x

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  1. Thank you so very much for following my blog, and the photo quality on your blog is so amazing! I think your blog is just perfect, it’s got such a cute little theme and I can’t wait to see more of your posts! Unfortunetly though, we don’t have any Rose gardens that beautiful where I live we have “pick your own strawberry” gardens☺️


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