Favourite High-End Brand: Charlotte Tilbury


After purchasing two more items and launching my recent giveaway, I thought it was about time that I publicly acknowledged my admiration for Charlotte Tilbury! This woman is a complete cosmetics genius, and her award-winning make up range has fast become a firm favourite of mine. While I agree that the products are more on the pricey side, I personally feel it is beneficial to read reviews on higher-end make up so you know what you are investing your cash in! But don’t fret – I’ll be posting my favourite high-street/drugstore range very soon.



Without further ado, here are the products that currently grace my collection:

Luxury Eye Palette in ‘The Rock Chick,’ £38 – This little gem is the perfect portable eye palette, with four shades that can be used for a subtle look or an amped-up dark smoky eye. Each colour is beautifully soft and pigmented, however the glitter shade is a different texture – Charlotte recommends it as a ‘pop’ shade where you dab a little in the centre of your lid using your finger to add dimension. I have hit the pan on this palette, and that says a lot! I don’t usually use an eyeshadow consistently enough (before getting bored and moving on) to reach this stage. Use lots and lots of mascara with cat-eyeliner to channel your inner rock chick.

Colour Chameleon Pencil in ‘Champagne Diamonds,’ £19 – Charlotte has released a whole range of these eyeshadow pencils to compliment different eye colours using the basis of complimentary colours on the colour wheel. This colour is meant for blue eyes and I absolutely agree it does make the blue in my eyes stand out! The texture is more of a velvet-matte crayon than a pencil, and it can be used alone on the lid and underlining the eye, or as a colour base for gold and bronze eyeshadows. It is also perfect for creating an eye look in a matter of seconds which manages to appear well put-together.

Cheek to Chic Blusher in ‘First Love,’ £30 – I was initially unimpressed with this when it arrived as the colour didn’t look particularly special for the price tag. I was SO wrong. This shade perfectly complimented my skin tone and gave me a flush which was so wonderfully natural and healthy-looking. I find it even contours the face without the need for a bronzer and highlighter duo. I use it by swirling my brush along the outside colour and applying it along the side planes of my face, and then I use the middle colour on the apples of my cheeks.

Bitch Perfect Lipstick, £23 – This shade is from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range, which is a highly-pigmented and moisturising satin finish. Charlotte claims it contains her patented “secret ingredient, the Lipstick Tree, an anti-oxidant that naturally hydrates lips and protects from UV damage,” and I reckon she got it spot on with this product. I especially love the colour as it is a warm toned, powder pink hue which has quickly become my holy grail MLBB lipstick. You can read more about it in my monthly favourites review here.

Nude Kate Lipstick, £23 – From the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. range again, so also boasts a moisturising formula and rich colour pay off. You definitely do get a quality product worth the price, for Charlotte really does know how to create the perfect lipstick formulation well after years in the beauty industry. This colour is a perfect biscuit-beige, however the honey-gold undertones mean is isn’t quite as flat as a beige neutral. So if you find that neutrals tend to make you look slightly lacklustre/dead then this one could be your saviour! It was reportedly inspired by the iconic Kate Moss, and I find it goes perfectly with The Rock Chick Palette if you want to capture her look.

Sexy Sienna Lipstick, £23 – This shade comes from the Matte Revolution range, and Charlotte claims it is “inspired by Sienna Miller, a golden coral to partner with sun-kissed skin.” It has certainly been my go-to shade for a summer look due to the beautiful coral tone which avoids looking garish. It is perfect with a lovely highlight across the cheekbones and a simple eye-look. The texture is a soft matte, and by that I mean it has a demi-matte finish but all the comfort of a cream lipstick. Perfect for dry lips who dream of matte shades.


(L-R) Sexy Sienna, Bitch Perfect, Nude Kate, Champagne Diamonds


Swatches from The Rock Chick palette

How insanely pretty is this packaging? I hope I’m not the only one who struggles to resist rose gold. Just having these products on my dressing table makes it look more chic and sophisticated! Every step of buying a product from this range is aesthetically pleasing, right down to the very website. The gorgeously designed and easily-navigated website is an utter pleasure for an online shopping addict like myself to browse, so here’s a warning in advance! Furthermore, it also has useful colour matching for every skin tone and eye colour. You can browse products by choosing a ‘look’ or ‘inspiration’ which I find makes the process even more appealing. Some examples are the Vintage Vamp, Golden Goddess, Uptown Girl, Rock Chick… Even the presentation of the products when they have been delivered is stunning! Swaddled in deep burgundy-coloured tissue paper and lettered with the famous rose golden CT logo, you will feel like a movie star being treated with the cream-of-the-crop in make up.


Damn, even writing this has made me need more! For the chance to get your hands on a Charlotte Tilbury luxury eye palette check out my little giveaway happening right here.

Lots of love!

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