Belfast Castle & The Cat Garden



“Before a Cat will condescend
To treat you as a trusted friend,
Some little token of esteem
Is needed, like a dish of cream,” – T.S. Eliot

So I am a complete feline fanatic, but I wasn’t always. Once upon a time a scraggly, feral little tomcat showed up at my back door begging for scraps. Homeless and scared, he was too weary to come within five feet of me so I had to leave out food and hide while he gobbled it up. This happened everyday for about a fortnight, and gradually he became more and more tolerant of my presence.

I went away to university and could only visit home at the weekends. On one visit I was informed we had adopted a stray cat and his name was Butterscotch. Guess who that happened to be?

Now he makes himself completely at home, a little too much so, and has become the apple of my eye! Much to the distress of everyone on my Snapchat.


Belfast Castle boasts a manicured little mini-garden and the theme is…cats! Feline-shaped topiary complete with cat-adorned mosaics and even little brass statuettes.






But don’t worry, it isn’t all whiskers and paws. The garden also hosts some beautiful floral displays, not to mention the amazing views over all of Belfast and the harbour! The historic castle, nestled on the side of Cavehill overlooking Belfast, also runs a swanky restaurant and giftshop. You can continue your excursions into the Cavehill Country Park, and also the Adventure Park.






On a side note, owls!!!



Lots of love,

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25 thoughts on “Belfast Castle & The Cat Garden

  1. I visited the Cat Garden when I was younger. Its such a beautiful place and I love how some of the cats aren’t so easily spotted. Such a pretty place.You got some fabulous shots! x

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  2. <—-Cat fanatic here also. I only saw the word 'Cats' in your headline and I HAD to click! How beautiful! I love the cat topiary and statues! And Butterscotch looks pretty happy now with a proper home. My tomcat was also a homeless kitten. He was tangled in a thick briar patch and we had to get him loose. He is now named Gigi and is spoiled rotten.


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