Monthly Favourites: August 2015


I have a mix of beauty, hair, clothes, and TV for you this month! I won’t lie and claim this month flew by because it totally dragged for me… late pay-day. Oh well. I’m very happy with my purchases in August and I hope you like this little collection I’ve thrown together. I’d also like to say a quick good luck to anyone going back to school or starting university in September – I’m going back to do a Masters and I’m half-excited and half-nervous! We can do it!

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette: So this was my major purchase from August, and the one I was especially excited for! When I finally got my hands on it I was glad to find it lived up to my expectations, and I have used it practically every day since. I love how it offers a wide variety of looks, suitable for day time and party time, but also a selection of flattering warm and cool tones. Plus look how beautiful it is! I just love having it displayed on my make up table. You can read my full review here.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara: I ran out of my usual Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara at the same time as I ran low on funds this month, leading me to edge towards a cheaper alternative. I had seen this mascara positively reviewed throughout the blogosphere so figured it would be a worthwhile try … It wouldn’t be my favourite mascara, but it is definitely fantastic at lengthening and defining my lashes. I wish it would also add a but more volume, but for £5.99 it is pretty good and probably the best high-street mascara I’ve tried in ages. So if you’re low on dough you know where to go (I crack myself up).

Barry M Foil Effect Gold Nail Paint: Isn’t this stunning? A quick way to feel a million bucks. I envisage this being my go-to nail polish for the festive season, but it has been used frequently for nail art on top of other colours this month. The colour pay-off is brilliant, as you would expect from Barry M, and I’ve found it dries incredibly quickly! So if you’re heading for a night out and in a rush to make your nails look decent then this is a great option.


La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo: This is a miracle product in my opinion! A bright, shining example of how French skincare really is the best. I particularly love this brand and might even do a post focusing on it soon. I generally have clear skin but if I have a break out they tend to mark my skin for a while afterwards, yet this gel cream actually clears up any marks within a week! I also love how it is fresh-smelling, non-greasy and dries to an almost matte-finish making it a perfect base for mineral foundations.

Elvive Full Rescue Damage Restore Leave-In Conditioner: Does what it says on the tin! I’ve spoken before about my naturally dry hair and how I have been trying to treat it. I used this in conjunction with the Shampoo and Conditioner from the same range and have noticed a visible reduction in my split-ends. I know it is impossible to get rid of them without getting a haircut, but with this leave-in treatment I feel that my hair is a lot smoother and has a weightless barrier against heat or other damaging factors, and therefore is less likely to develop more split-ends.

TIGI Bead Head Blow-Out Golden Illuminating Shine Cream: Have you noticed the gold theme running through my products this month? This product is amazing for adding shine to blonde hair, and actually claims to have light-reflecting flecks of gold within it! I have been using this through the mid-lengths of my hair, and the Elvive leave-in treatment on my ends, and my hair has grown faster this month than it has all year! The smell is also divine, and it completely calms any frizziness.


Sally Hansen Airbrushed Legs: I have been using this product for years and absolutely swear by it, therefore it’s no surprise it has been a favourite over the summer months. It’s basically foundation for your legs; a quick and effective alternative to fake tan, leaving you with sun-kissed skin but also a bit of coverage for any bruising, razor-burn or other unsightly marks. I especially like the water-resistant one as I find it doesn’t transfer onto clothes or bed sheets, and it also doesn’t cause orange rivulets of water running down your legs every time it rains!

Mango Suede Jacket: A back to uni treat! I’ve always wanted a statement jacket like this so I could just toss it on over a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and still look like I’ve made an effort. Essential for those early 9am classes! I actually spotted a beautiful 70s-inspired one in Topshop but it was £160, so I decided to look elsewhere. Then I found this one while browsing ASOS and for £60 I am absolutely chuffed with it! The quality is fantastic and it is real leather, therefore I will hopefully have many happy years from it. Unfortunately my one is now sold out online but I have linked a very similar one for the same price.


Topshop Dip-Dye Jumper: Ehh, and another back to uni treat? Ha, I spoil myself. I seen this in a haul video by Zoella and fell in love. I instantly pictured myself wearing this and black skinny jeans while getting my pre-lecture coffee, and sleeping in this during said lectures. The material is silky soft, and I love the unusual gradient effect. It is quite baggy and hangs down lower in the back than the front, so could even be worn over leggings. Perfect for Autumn/Winter!


‘Reign’ on Netflix: Absolutely binge-worthy. This series revolves around Mary Queen of Scots during her dramatic early years at French court, with a particularly beautiful cast. So incredibly historically inaccurate – think 90210 set in the 16th century. I’m also obsessed with the theme song ‘Scotland’ by The Lumineers but I can’t find it on Spotify or anywhere except YouTube! I found this series on American Netflix, so unfortunately all you UK followers may struggle to watch this unless you know how to switch it too. But here’s another handy link for watching it online.

Lots of love,

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47 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites: August 2015

  1. Hey 🙂

    Whoop! Favourites posts are finally among us and I love reading those!

    Oh my gosh, that jumper and that jacket are so gorgeous! The jacket, especially!

    Lovely psot!

    Have a nice day. 🙂


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  2. Hi Zoe, love the post! That jumper is really cute, I might have to go and invest! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, it’s simple to get, and all you need to do is answer the ten questions on my blog. Obviously you don’t have to take part, but I’ll look forward to reading your answers if you do! Gabriella x

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