Vengeance is Wine!

Just a quick post this week I’m afraid! I’ve been so bombed down by uni work that I considered taking a break for a week, but after trying one of Barry M‘s newest additions to the Sunset Daylight Curing range I felt a post just had to be done!


I have fallen head over heels in love with this range. The finished effect is seriously super glossy, with an impressive longevity that is hard to achieve without actual salon gel nails. The original colour range was rather dismal and lacking – BUT WAIT.

New autumnal coloured polishes have recently been launched! And with punny names such as ‘Dark Side of the Shroom’ and ‘Do you Pink I’m Sexy?’ I stood no chance of resisting. At £4.99 they are a little more expensive than the other ranges from this brand, but it is the exceptional long-lasting properties that you are paying for here! You also have to buy a clear topcoat which ‘cures’ the colours into setting and provides that especially glossy finish, but this is a one-off spend. It’s not just a gimmicky product, I promise. The colour options have definitely improved and now include both nudes and neutrals as well as more vivid pinks, blues and reds.

To create this simple little nail look I used the burgundy colour ‘Vengeance is Wine’ with the clear topcoat. Once that set I took a gold nail polish and a bobby pin. Using the little rounded end of the pin I put two gold dots onto the ring fingernails and joined them into tiny hearts. This is a really quick and easy way to jazz up any nails, and this colour combination is particularly seasonal!

Ta-dahh! What do you think of my extremely Autumnal nails?

Love love love,

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