Tips and Truths For Starting University

September has shown its face, and with it has come the usual hustle and bustle of going back to school or starting university. Having just graduated in July, and enrolling again to study for a Masters degree, I consider myself something of a university veteran! So for all you newcomers I have compiled a little list of advice learned and pictures taken from my time over the last three years. I should state in advance that this is based upon a UK university experience which involves a lower drinking age, the Student Loans Company, different grading systems and no mention of American sororities/rushing!

Uni Post Image

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Favourite High-Street Brand: Soap & Glory

I’ve shown you my expensive addiction to higher-end make up, but today I offer you something different. Soap & Glory is a fun and frivolous brand that has become very popular within the UK due to its cheeky product names, vintage pin-up photography inspired packaging and super affordable price tag!


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Monthly Favourites: August 2015


I have a mix of beauty, hair, clothes, and TV for you this month! I won’t lie and claim this month flew by because it totally dragged for me… late pay-day. Oh well. I’m very happy with my purchases in August and I hope you like this little collection I’ve thrown together. I’d also like to say a quick good luck to anyone going back to school or starting university in September – I’m going back to do a Masters and I’m half-excited and half-nervous! We can do it!

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Favourite High-End Brand: Charlotte Tilbury


After purchasing two more items and launching my recent giveaway, I thought it was about time that I publicly acknowledged my admiration for Charlotte Tilbury! This woman is a complete cosmetics genius, and her award-winning make up range has fast become a firm favourite of mine. While I agree that the products are more on the pricey side, I personally feel it is beneficial to read reviews on higher-end make up so you know what you are investing your cash in! But don’t fret – I’ll be posting my favourite high-street/drugstore range very soon.

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