Favourite High-End Brand: Charlotte Tilbury


After purchasing two more items and launching my recent giveaway, I thought it was about time that I publicly acknowledged my admiration for Charlotte Tilbury! This woman is a complete cosmetics genius, and her award-winning make up range has fast become a firm favourite of mine. While I agree that the products are more on the pricey side, I personally feel it is beneficial to read reviews on higher-end make up so you know what you are investing your cash in! But don’t fret – I’ll be posting my favourite high-street/drugstore range very soon.

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A Little Mac Lipstick Collection


It’s no secret that Mac Cosmetics make the best lipsticks around. And priced at £15.50 you can get the same quality as a more expensive high-end product for less. Perhaps this is why the Mac Lipstick is a staple in every make up enthusiast’s collection? Or perhaps it is the sheer amount of colours and finishes on offer that has led to its legendary status?

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Rows and Rows of Roses

The classic rose is my favourite flower, for nothing else oozes timeless beauty quite like it. However, I never knew just how many varieties there are! Apparently it isn’t just a case of red, yellow or white roses (you should see me with car types). Last week I took a trip to Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park for ‘Rose Week’ and was amazed by the rows upon rows of these elegant flowers sprawled out along the park grounds, each with their own proud individual name plaques.



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Monthly Favourites: July 2015

Monthly favourites have always been my favourite kind of post to read so it’s about time I created my first one! July was an exciting and eventful month for me, particularly around my graduation and birthday, and I have been lucky to receive a lot of presents or money towards some. As a result, I actually have quite a few new products and random things which I have been loving lately! Hopefully August will be just as plentiful now…


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20 Things I’ve Realised In My 20s

As it’s my birthday today, I thought it would be fun to share with you some life lessons I’ve encountered since I hit my twenties… but please note I’m actually just as clueless, if not more so, than everyone else. Comment if you can think of any others!

1. Your metabolism changes. Long gone are the days of coming home after school, eating multiple rounds of toast with peanut butter while waiting for friends to come on MSN. If I eat peanut butter now its like I’ve swallowed a hand grenade, and only lots of effort i.e. exercise can help. Crash diets do not work. They never did, but like, they definitely don’t now.

2. Life starts to go by faster. It’s common knowledge than when you hit your twenties life goes into fast-forward and you never find the time to sit back and relax anymore. Suddenly, you’ve left university and have to pay bills and learn how to adult. Fortunately, in your twenties time is still your asset so you have ample opportunities to make mistakes and fail spectacularly before you can dust yourself off and go accomplish some #lifegoals.

3. You are an ‘adult’ but you are not a ‘grown-up.’ This becomes more apparent when shit hits the fan and you flail around uselessly looking for someone more mature to help. Does anyone actually know what they’re doing? Furthermore, you’re only an adult when it’s convenient for others to consider you so. But when the extended family get together and run out of chairs, you get designated to the floor with the younger kids.

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