Rows and Rows of Roses

The classic rose is my favourite flower, for nothing else oozes timeless beauty quite like it. However, I never knew just how many varieties there are! Apparently it isn’t just a case of red, yellow or white roses (you should see me with car types). Last week I took a trip to Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park for ‘Rose Week’ and was amazed by the rows upon rows of these elegant flowers sprawled out along the park grounds, each with their own proud individual name plaques.



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Graduation ♡ Get Ready With Me


For my very first post I thought I would show you how I prepped and pampered myself for a recent special event! Last week was my university graduation ceremony where I was awarded a degree in English Literature after three years at Queen’s University of Belfast, which have been the most amazing and rewarding years of my life. I am continuously grateful to have had the opportunity to experience university. The ceremony was a lovely way to celebrate my achievements with my family and uni friends before we all said our goodbyes and scattered across the country again. We even got semi-nice weather which is highly unusual for Northern Ireland!


While I will try to break it up with plenty of pictures, I do apologise if this post is extremely long and if I appear to have gone overboard with products- this really was a labour of love as I wanted to wear all of my favourite make-up items at once!!! Is that weird?

Photos from the day are in a gallery at the end!

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